NLK Oldbones – Death Before Youth!

NLK Oldbones is a collective of fifty pushing Tampere, (Finland) Nekalites, whose boredom, questionable sense of self preservation and disappointment regarding humankind in general has pushed them back in pursuit of understanding the art of skateboarding once again. Words like ’gnarly’ and ’rad’ are best describing the participants’ daily bowl movement, or means they earn their living as respectful members of society, thus eshtablising, that the group is essentially a musical manifestation of the mental environment of it’s members, as well as a history lesson on ’the genre’ for occasional listeners, but foremost the performers themselves. Oldbones being self evident, NLK does, obviously, not stand for the locale and both sprititual and de facto home of the outfit, so something still remains to be figured out…


Album available on 7th of October 2023!

Pain For Ears & Eyes

Time For Livin’ (cover)
Lame Old Song
Another Karen Song
Egg Raid on Mojo (live cover)
Days Are Done

Them Oldbones




Las Palmas

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